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We Offer a Range of Financial and Advisory Services to Meet Your Needs

At Pathi Rajavardhan And Co, we are committed to delivering qualified financial and advisory services. With a deep-rooted commitment to excellence, professionalism, and integrity, we strive to be your trusted partner in navigating the complex world of finance and taxation.

Financial Reporting and Compliance

Our Financial Reporting & Compliance services provide a comprehensive solution to streamline your financial health and ensure regulatory adherence.


We generate timely and accurate financial statements, customized to your specific needs, while also tracking key performance indicators for insightful analysis.


Furthermore, our team offers expert guidance on navigating company law and industry-specific regulations, handling statutory filings, and implementing robust internal controls. 

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Taxation & Regulatory

Our Taxation & Regulatory services provide a comprehensive suite for businesses and individuals. We optimize your tax position through planning, strategy, and risk mitigation.


We handle all your tax compliance needs, including filing, audits, and disputes. For international operations, we navigate cross-border tax issues and regulations.


We also provide specialized support for Goods and Services Tax (GST) and ensure adherence to company law and industry regulations through filings, audits, and registrations.


Additionally, we offer representation and guidance during tax disputes and voluntary disclosure programs.

Audit & Assurance

In our Audit and Assurance Division, we offer services to help businesses ensure accurate financial reporting and compliance.


We conduct Financial Statement Audits to check accuracy and Internal Audits to improve controls.


We also handle Compliance Audits to ensure adherence to laws and regulations. Our Due Diligence reviews assess risks in mergers and acquisitions, and we provide specialized audits tailored to specific needs.

Additionally, we offer Review Engagements for limited assurance on financial statements and Assurance Engagements for non-financial information like sustainability reporting.


With our experienced team, we aim to instill confidence in financial integrity and promote good business practices.

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Advisory Services

From startup to global expansion, our Advisory Services provide a roadmap for your business success.


We guide you in selecting the most suitable legal structure, navigate strategic restructuring and international expansion, and optimize your capital mix for growth.

We also help ensure a smooth future by developing succession plans and estate structures, and ensure strong corporate governance through compliance audits and risk management frameworks. 

International Taxation

Our International Tax practice offers a sophisticated suite of services designed to empower your global expansion.


We navigate the complexities of cross-border tax issues, ensuring seamless compliance with international regulations.


Our team crafts optimal transfer pricing strategies to maximize tax efficiency while adhering to all relevant guidelines.


We further assist with foreign tax credit planning to minimize your overall tax burden and leverage the benefits of applicable tax treaties.


Valuation & Financial Modelling

Our Valuation and Financial Modelling Division empowers your business with a comprehensive suite of services.


We conduct thorough valuations of businesses, subsidiaries, and intangible assets like patents or brand value. Utilizing various methodologies and adhering to relevant standards, we provide reports for M&A, financial reporting, and more.


Our financial modelling expertise includes building dynamic models for planning, budgeting, and risk assessment, supporting crucial decisions like capital expenditures. We also assist with fair value measurements for financial instruments, complex securities, and non-financial assets. Finally, our financial due diligence services ensure informed decision-making by analyzing financial information and identifying potential risks and opportunities.

Accounting & Audit Support

Achieve financial clarity and empower informed decision-making with our comprehensive suite of accounting and reporting services.


We provide meticulous bookkeeping and accounting practices, ensuring the accuracy and organization of your financial records. Tailored reporting goes beyond the standard, offering in-depth analysis of key performance indicators (KPIs) for a holistic view of your financial health.


Furthermore, our seamless audit support fosters a smooth collaboration with external auditors, providing confidence throughout the process. Let us handle the financial complexities, allowing you to focus on your core business objectives.


Corporate Governance

Our Corporate Governance & Compliance services empower your organization to achieve long-term success through a comprehensive and proactive approach.


We collaborate with you to implement effective governance practices, policies, and procedures that solidify transparency and responsible decision-making within your leadership.


Furthermore, we conduct rigorous compliance audits to identify and rectify any discrepancies with legal and regulatory requirements.

Finally, our team offers expert guidance on establishing robust risk management frameworks and internal controls, effectively mitigating operational and financial risks that could hinder your organization's stability and growth.


With our support, you can cultivate a well-governed, compliant, and future-proof organization.

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