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C T Naresh

Unveiling Strengths, Minimizing Risks: Your Trusted Audit Partner

My Story

My passion for auditing stems from the joy of uncovering opportunities. I thrive on analyzing financial data to pinpoint risk areas, suggest cost-saving solutions, and streamline financial processes. I'm also a strong leader, bringing meticulous planning and resourceful problem-solving to every audit.

My areas of expertise include:
Comprehensive Audits: Tailored audits for diverse industries, ensuring accuracy and identifying areas for improvement.
Risk Management: Helping you anticipate and mitigate potential financial risks.
Tax Compliance: Specializing in Direct Taxes, GST, TDS, and Labour Laws. I ensure you stay compliant and represent you before tax authorities if needed.

Beyond the Balance Sheet

While numbers are my language, I believe in a life rich with experiences. Outside of work, you might find me:
Embracing Challenges: I enjoy pushing my limits, whether it's conquering a challenging trek or exploring new cultures. This thirst for knowledge fuels my approach to both auditing and life.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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