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CA Rajavardhan

Financial Strategist & Lifelong Learner

My Story

My journey began at Bangalore University, where I honed my accounting skills. Driven by a desire to share knowledge, I've mentored over 10,000 CA students and authored books on financial reporting. This dual passion for learning and applying knowledge fuels my approach to client service.

At Pathi Rajavardhan & Co, I leverage my skills to:

1. Craft Impeccable Financial Reports: Transparency and accuracy are paramount. I create reliable financial statements to empower your decision-making.

2. Unlock Business Insights: My consulting services go beyond numbers. I translate financial data into actionable strategies for growth.

Beyond the Balance Sheet

While I'm passionate about financial health, I also embrace a life full of adventure. You might find me:
Conquering Challenges: Whether it's mastering a new recipe or tackling an adrenaline-pumping sport, I relish the thrill of pushing boundaries.
Connecting with the Community: Gaming with friends allows me to unwind and connect with people on a different level.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

+91 97381 05515

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